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What is Flow Meter Calibration?

Flow meters are essential pieces of equipment in the laboratory and are typically used to monitor the movement of liquids. These flow meters are calibrated by an accredited calibration facility to ensure that they are operating at maximum performance and accuracy. Flow meter calibration is an important process that ensures the accuracy and reliability of flow meters. It is performed periodically to ensure that the flow meter is in optimal working condition, and it involves the use of certified reference materials that are used in conjunction with the data from the flowmeter. To get the most accurate and reliable flow meter calibration, it is important to choose a calibration facility. At Precision Scientific Equipment, we offer flow meter calibration services at an affordable price. Our flow meter calibration services have been trusted by laboratories and businesses around the world.

Flow meter calibration

Types of Flow Meter Calibration Services provided by PSE both Inlab & Onsite: -

  • CUSTODY METERING Flow calibration
  • GRAVIMETRIC Flow Calibration
  • VOLUMETRIC Flow Calibration

Our Calibration Coverage: Almost All Technologies Avilable In The Indusries

Types of Flow Meter Calibration Services We Provide

Custody Transfer Flow Meter Calibration

Custody meter calibration

Calibration of the custody transfer flow meter is the process that verifies the accuracy of the meter’s reading and timing. The meter is calibrated by taking a sample of a known volume and recording the reading. This is done for the standard volume of gas and liquid in the meter. We provide comprehensive calibration services for custody transfer flow meters (gas and liquids) across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Numerous users of custody transfer metering systems have their flow meters calibrated in recognized national and international testing facilities under the direction of Precision Scientific Equipment.

Gravimetric Flow Meter Calibration

The gravimetric flowmeter calibration is one of the most precise and economical methods for calibrating volumetric and mass flow meters. It is proven to be the most accurate method for accurate flow measurement. The petrochemical, oil, and water purification sectors all greatly benefit from the gravimetric approach for calibrating liquid flowmeters. Gravimetric flow meter calibration services from Precision Scientific Equipment are essential for industrial applications ranging from oil and gas to food and beverage. PSE Scientific Equipment offers flow meter calibration services that are accurate, reliable, and affordable.

Volumetric Flow Meter Calibration

Flowmeter Volumetric calibration is the process of measuring the flow rate of a fluid or gas sample, primarily for industrial use. The calibration of the volumetric flowmeters is performed by comparing the sample flow measurement with the primary standard flow rate. One of the key aspects of calibrating a volumetric flow meter is ensuring that its readings are consistent from one measurement to another. This is why Precision Scientific Equipment uses ultra-modern equipment and techniques to achieve accurate calibration results. We use a volumetric flow meter that employs ultrasonic technology for precise measurements, as well as an oscillometric manometer for continuous monitoring. This allows us to ensure that your readings are always accurate and consistent.

flow meter repair and testing

PSE Water Flow laboratory works on the Gravimetric Static Weighing, Volumetric & Comparison methods and provides flow meter repair and testing to the client. These methods are as per ISO 4185 and here the flow meter is calibrated to the highest accuracy in the Kingdom by weighing the quantity of water that passes through the meter during a known time interval. The laboratory is designed to handle We provide Accredited traceable premium Calibrations for all types & technologies of Flow Meters. We cover Calibration services of all Manufacturers.

Our Flow Meter Calibration Coverage


Coriolis Flowmeter

A Coriolis flow meter is a measuring device for fluid flow rate and pressure that is used in fluid power systems, fluid power control, and fluid power metering. It is named for the Coriolis force, which causes the fluid to move through the tube in a helix-like pattern. The Coriolis flow meter’s basic operation is based on the laws of motion mechanics. The fluid that is moving through a vibrating tube is compelled to accelerate as it approaches the vibration’s peak amplitude. In contrast, when the fluid leaves the tube, decelerating fluid travels away from the location of peak amplitude. The flow tube responds by twisting as it moves through each vibration cycle while under flowing circumstances. Precision Scientific Equipment is the leading provider of Coriolis flowmeter calibration services. To guarantee that your Coriolis flowmeter is accurately calibrated, we employ the most recent technology and tools.


Electromagnetic Flowmeter

A magnetic flowmeter, also known as an electromagnetic flow meter or mag meter, is a type of volumetric flow meter that measures the flow of a material by measuring the change in magnetic field strength. The magnetic field generated by the flow of the material contains a signal that can be detected by sensors, which then convert the signal into a current signal to measure flow. Magnetic flow meters are obstruction-free, affordable, bi-directional, and give extremely precise volumetric flow measurements, so they are frequently used. Precision Scientific Equipment is the trusted authority when it comes to calibrating the electromagnetic flow meter because we have years of experience and expertise in this area. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your calibration is accurate and precise.


Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Ultrasonic meters are used to measure the velocity of a fluid passing through a closed pipe. Ultrasonic waves are generated by an ultrasonic transducer and flow through the pipe. The output is proportional to the rate of flow, which is then used to calculate volume or density. Ultrasonic sound pulses are transmitted into the fluid and are then reflected back. This time delay and the intensity of the reflected waves are used to calculate the velocity of the fluid. Ultrasonic flowmeter calibration is an important step in maintaining accurate readings for your equipment. Precision Scientific Equipment can help you achieve this by providing accurate and consistent ultrasonic flowmeter calibration services. We use a variety of methods, including laser distance measurements, to ensure that your flowmeter is calibrated to the correct specifications.


Vortex Flowmeter

The Vortex Flowmeter is a type of rotameter used to measure the volumetric flow rate of liquids and gases. To measure flow, a small vortex is created by a spinning impeller (i.e., rotor) inside the tube. The vortex induces a change in the liquid or gas flow, which creates an imbalance of pressure on either side of the tube. The resulting pressure difference is used to calculate the volumetric flow rate. Precision Scientific Equipment offers the best vortex flowmeter calibration services in the industry. Our team of experienced technicians has years of experience calibrating vortex flowmeters for a variety of applications, including sewage systems, wastewater treatment plants, water supply systems, and other common industrial settings.


Mechanical Flowmeter

A mechanical flowmeter is a type of flow meter that uses a system of moving components to measure flow. The fluid travels either through a spinning turbine or rotor (positive displacement, or PD) or a set of gears or chambers. Electromagnetic and ultrasonic flowmeters are fundamentally different from mechanical flowmeters. Water, fuels, viscous fluids, and other liquid flow rates are conveniently monitored with mechanical flow meters. Precision Scientific Equipment is the perfect choice for anyone looking for mechanical flowmeter calibration services. We have years of experience calibrating various types of mechanical flowmeters, and our team makes sure that your instrument is properly calibrated and functioning correctly so that you can get accurate measurements every time.


Turbine Flowmeter

A turbine flow meter is an instrument for measuring the velocity of a liquid or gas. It consists of a rotor that spins inside a stream of fluid, the rotor’s outer diameter being slightly less than the metering chamber’s inner diameter. The metering chamber is a hollow cylinder that is positioned at an angle to the flow. Turbine flow meters are used in many industrial applications, such as aerospace, cryogenics, food, and custody transfer. One of the most important factors when calibrating a turbine flowmeter is accuracy. This is why we use the latest in calibration technology to achieve an accurate result every time. Our procedures are also extremely rigorous, ensuring that you receive the highest quality service possible.

Custody meter calibration

Custody Metering Flowmeters Calibration Skid

International traceability
By having your equipment calibrated by PSE, you compare your measurement equipment directly or indirectly with the primary standards. This ensures that the measurement uncertainty is kept to a minimum and that your measurement equipment is traceable to the national standards. PSE is closely involved with the international metrology infrastructure.


In any industry either commercial or manufacturing, there is a chance of revenue loss if measuring equipment is
inaccurate. Even a smaller deviation in measurement readings will result in huge production losses & Uncertain Business growth.
For your continuous business growth, PSE Calibration Services ensures you can earn more.

Why Choose Us for Flow Meter Repair And Calibration

Any sector, whether it be industrial or commercial, runs the risk of losing money if measurement equipment is unreliable. Even a slight variation in measurement results will have a significant impact on production losses and business growth. PSE Calibration Services makes sure you can earn more in order to support your ongoing business growth. We are the best in the industry and have the ability to provide you with a solution to ensure your flow meter operation is profitable. In-lab and on-site flowmeter calibration are available from us. In order to ensure that your flow meter is performing at its peak potential, we offer certification processes, package calibration, and test services. We also provide gravimetric and volumetric flow calibration services and are happy to assist you with any flow meter repair needs. You can trust us to ensure your flow meter is operating at its peak potential and is able to support your business growth.